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The Facility

Rowena Wildlife Clinic from the road

A view of the clinic from the road.

Clinic view from rear

The clinic from the rear.

The Kinsman Foundation

The Kinsman Foundation has provided much of the funding for the facility buildings.

Scroll down for a four-part television program by CGN7, "Making A Difference" about the Rowena Wildlife Clinic.

Host Elaine Busby explores the operation of the Clinic and the birds that have gone on to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, interviews Dr. Cypher and even releases a rehabilitated redtailed hawk into the wild.

Use of these video segments was graciously permitted by Jon Compton, producer of the show and now with The Portland Show. Photography and editing was done by Mark Hemingway; Rachel Hallett provided design layout and Cory Bernard did the project development.

Pond on the RWC grounds

The pond behind the clinic.

Outdoor cages for recuperating wild animals

Some of the outdoor cages for recuperating animals.

Indoor cages for recuperating wild animals

Indoor cages for the smaller patients.

New home for eagles under construction.

A new home for eagles, under construction in October 2008.

Wildlife Veterinarians

The Rowena Wildlife Clinic was founded in 2000 by Jean Cypher, DVM. Dr. Cypher, a 1991 graduate of Washington State University, envisions a network of charitable organizations along the Columbia River Gorge that can aid wild and domestic animals and foster friendly relations between the human community and their animal neighbors.

All veterinarians at the Clinic are unpaid volunteers.

Dr Cypher holding a rescued cat.

Dr. Jean Cypher with an injured cat.

Dr Susan Kerr.

Susan R. Kerr, DVM, PhD, PAS, is a Cornell graduate and she received her PhD. in Education from Kansas State. She is currently on the faculty of WSU, where she serves as the Klickitat Co. Extension Chair. For the past few years she has played a leading role in the national 4-H Club, developing their animal science curriculum. This is one of several venues through which she advocates the humane treatment of both children and animals. She spends most weekends doing veterinary work for homeless and under-privileged animals in our area.

Dr Joni Greenberger.

Dr. Joni Greenberger, DVM is a graduate of Tufts University's School of Veterinary Medicine and holds certifications in Acupuncture and Physical Rehabilitation. She is especially interested in raptor orthopedics, and working with the Rowena Wildlife Clinic allows her to combine her lifelong interest in wildlife medicine with her love for kayaking and outdoor recreation.

Dr. Anderson walking her dog.

"The animals of this world are our extended family, as we are theirs. This is a relationship far richer and more delightful for us all than being assigned dominion over them."

Cindy Anderson DVM, a long-time volunteer, passed away July 24, 2008 due to liver cancer. She was a wonderful friend and neighbor, and a great vet. We will miss her very much. Her obituary is posted here.

Dr. Cypher and the Clinic profiled on CGN-7 "Making A Difference", part 1 of 4.

Part 2 - an interview with Dr. Cypher.

Part 3 - at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

Part 4 - releasing a red-tailed hawk.