Postpone tree removal/pruning until fall or winter

By Tracie Hornung

Bird nest

Now that spring is here, one of the volunteers at the clinic says she hears chain saws in her neighborhood and worries that wildlife habitat will be destroyed in the process . . . which, of course, can spell doom for the animal — and possible offspring — whose home has suddenly disappeared.

In fact, that’s just what happened in the volunteers’ neighborhood. A tree trimmer cut down a tree containing the nest of a Western Gray Squirrel and one of the infant squirrels died. She notes that the clinic receives bird nests from felled trees every year, too.

Tree cutting

Don’t do this now!

Although you should wait until fall or winter to cut down trees to prevent destroying nests, you don’t have to curtail your other spring cleaning efforts as long as you use techniques that won’t harm your wild animal neighbors. Check out this “cheat sheet” by The Humane Society on how to do so.

6 thoughts on “Postpone tree removal/pruning until fall or winter

  1. john Mahoney

    I hadn’t thought about considering any nests that might be built on the trees I need to remove. I appreciate you taking about waiting until fall or winter to dispose of dead trees to allow for birds to leave their nests. I can definitely see how it is important to consider this since valuing animals helps the environment be more enjoyable for you and your kids.

    1. Rowena Wildlife Clinic Post author

      Glad you found the info useful, John! And you’re right to consider how much enjoyment a healthy environment gives our children and ourselves.

  2. bob morris

    Thank you for posting this on the website as I found it very valuable. I didn’t know to postpone the tree removal efforts until winter. thank you for letting me know. what types of tree service do you provide?

  3. Frank Rodrick

    Good thoughts, Tracie, and just in time. I was about to clean out a big hedge that has been a popular nesting spot over the years. I’ll put it off till fall.


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