Safe From Fire

By Shannon Perry







It was a harrowing 24 hours, but the animals are all safely back home. The fire was coming up the ravine below the clinic, not really close but too close for comfort. Fortunately the firefighters set up on a long gravel drive there, and that gave comfort.

You can’t really wait until the last minute to evacuate 40+ birds. Many thanks to Elijah Schneider and Jill Barker (shown) and Beagle Barker (not shown) for bringing carriers, a transport van, and packing up patients

The animals are settled back  into their various cages and much happier for it.

2 thoughts on “Safe From Fire

  1. Valerie Vance-Gray

    Relieved you & all your critters are safe. Wheh!
    Do you care for more than birds? Any fur babies?

    1. RWCBlogger Post author

      Hi Valerie,
      Thanks for your concern! Yes, we have fawns, squirrels, and bats. In the past year we’ve had skunks, a fox, and a beaver. We take care of a wide variety of animals.


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