Bats and Glue Traps Don’t Mix

Photo credit: Keith Shannon/USFWS

By Shannon Perry

Maybe you’ve seen the glue traps that are marketed as “humane” traps for mice. Well, inside or out they are a hazard for bats. One of our patients got caught in one and was brought to us.  You can’t quite imagine the process it takes to get one free. Most don’t survive the ordeal of getting caught.

Pets and other animals can be caught in the traps. The reason they aren’t safe inside is because bats are quite capable of getting in too, through very small spaces, and they’re often attracted to the insects that get caught in the traps.

At the clinic, we use live traps for mice that work quite well. Then we walk away a bit from the clinic and free them. Maybe the mice will feed an owl,  a hawk, or an eagle.

What to do if a bat gets in your house:

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