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Beaver on Road to Recovery; Take the Wolf/Coyote Test


North American beaver (Castor canadensis) recovering at Rowena Wildlife Clinic. Photo by Joni Greenberger, DVM.













This young beaver was found in the Columbia River after having been injured by a motorboat propeller. It was delivered to Rowena Wildlife Clinic where it is still in rehabilitation but doing well.

For more information about beavers, visit the University of Michigan’s Critter Catalog.

In the last weeks of summer, as the Columbia River Gorge struggled with what grew into a 48,000-acre wildfire, the clinic was fortunately never in danger. And, surprisingly, few animals needing treatment were brought to the clinic. However, a barred owl that was hit by a fire rescue truck needed minor treatment. Happily, after recovery the owl was released September 24.

For more information about barred owls, see the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Could you tell the difference between a coyote and a wolf in the wild?

Courtesy Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Take this fun test from the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.