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ODFW postpones Wolf Plan adoption

UPDATE: The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has decided it will conduct some additional facilitated outreach, and postpone final adoption of the draft Wolf Management Plan in the hope of getting more consensus from stakeholders. So the plan will not be considered for adoption at the April meeting in Astoria. ODFW will announce a new meeting date when it’s scheduled.

In the meantime, your comments on the draft plan can be sent via email to Visit this link for updates on Oregon wolf management and to get on the Wolf Plan email list.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Governor for staggered four-year terms. Commissioners formulate policies concerning management and conservation of fish and wildlife resources, and establishes seasons, methods and bag limits for recreational and commercial take.

All about bats; Comments sought on Oregon Wolf Plan

Little brown bat

Little brown bat

All about bats

By Tracie Hornung

Over the years, Rowena Wildlife Clinic has treated injured bats. I remember a time while working at the clinic when I saw one of  Dr. Cypher’s recovering bat patients. It was so small I don’t know how she was even able to attend to it. (Obviously, Dr. Cypher is very talented!) And happily, that tiny mammal was successfully released back into the wild.

Historically maligned, bats are finally getting some appreciation. As an article from Defenders of Wildlife states, “If you’ve ever enjoyed chocolate, mangoes, guava, wild bananas, or avocados, you might want to thank a bat!” That’s because bats are important pollinators. They even play a role in the production of rum and tequila. However, like many species of wildlife these days, some bat species face serious threats to their survival, including White-Nose Syndrome.

If you want to know more about Oregon’s bats, see the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife website. You can also learn more at Bat Conservation International.

Public comment sought on draft Wolf Management Plan for Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife will hear public testimony about the draft Wolf Management Plan at its April 19-20 commission meeting in Astoria. Your comments can also be sent via email to

This is a very important issue for wolf survival in Oregon!