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Eagle Flight Pen gofundme

Hello supporters! We need your help. We’ve started a gofundme campaign to raise funds to replace the eagle pen we lost this winter due to heavy snow. Donations to Rowena Wildlife Clinic are tax-deductible, either by receipt through the clinic or from gofundme directly – I’m sorting that out. Please follow the link, donate as you are able, and share widely. Many thanks.

rebuilding the pen

Defenders of Wildlife: The Year of Coexistence: May, Red Wolves

by Shannon Perry

For every step forward for a species under protection from the endangered species act, there are a few steps back. So follows the somewhat heartbreaking saga of the red wolf in the Carolinas. It has undergone protections, reintroductions, abandonment of said reintroductions, and then Fish and Wildlife seems to throw up their hands and say they belong in zoos. Let’s hope that in the next couple years things start to turn around. We can only hope, can’t we? And we can all put our voices behind letter writing, calls to reps and indeed to the Fish and Wildlife Service. Please read on to find out about the lack of support for these amazing wolves that will interbreed with coyotes as a last resort. May they survive.

Happy Earth Day

By Shannon Perry

Earth Day is a sacred day in my opinion. Notice that you can make the word scared out of the same letters. Let’s try just for today to focus on the beauty and profundity of nature, its toughness and strength and great ability to recover. I am away from the clinic. Having just hiked through Joshua trees that could have been thousands of years old, I am entirely humbled by their ability to survive. I wish I were a better photographer, but bear with me as I share my iPhone photos of Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada. Also I share a beautiful poem from Earth Prayers, edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon, Harper Collins 1991. Be well and love the Earth.

A Prayer to Humankind

By Manitonquat

Test post

Hi, all. This is Frank, the RWC webmaster. You may be aware the system hasn’t been sending out new blog post notifications. I’m working on it and can’t think of a better way to test the system than to pester everyone! Please forgive me. . .for this and any future tests.