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Eagle Flight Pen gofundme

Hello supporters! We need your help. We’ve started a gofundme campaign to raise funds to replace the eagle pen we lost this winter due to heavy snow. Donations to Rowena Wildlife Clinic are tax-deductible, either by receipt through the clinic or from gofundme directly – I’m sorting that out. Please follow the link, donate as you are able, and share widely. Many thanks.

rebuilding the pen


Wolf on Mt. Hood Found Dead

photo by ODFW

by Shannon Perry

A year-and-a-half old male wolf from the White River pack on Mt. Hood was found dead. There were no poisons or lead present in the wolf, but his paw was injured. He had been fitted with a radio collar, and it’s possible the wolf was injured during the capture process. He was very thin.

The population of wolves in western Oregon are still protected. Those east of Highway 395 are not. This is still a fragile group, and the Oregon wolf conservation plan is missing protections, as has been previously covered in the blog. A decision is expected in March, minus environmental groups that left in protest. Let’s hope the wolf pups born to this group fare better.

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Oregon’s Wolf Conservation Plan in Trouble

by Shannon Perry


Oregon Wild and other sister organizations walked away from ODFW’s proposed wolf conservation plan, rather than sign off on recommendations that rejected every suggestion from environmental groups and scientists. Despite working with a professional facilitator, negotiations were unsuccessful.

Some objectionable aspects include allowing trophy hunting for pelts and trapping. ODFW is seen as shifting more money and power to their agency with less oversight. Barring changes in the plan, conservation groups will be looking for other means to support Oregon’s small wolf population. For more information and action steps please see the link below.