Raptor Discovery Program

Redtail Hawk in the Raptor Discovery Program

Photo by Jim Appleton.

The Raptor Discovery Program provides free education about birds of prey for adults and children of all ages through the cooperative efforts of the Rowena Wildlife Clinic, Wildlife Rescue of the Gorge, and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. Along with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Migratory Bird Division, and Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department, the idea for a full-scale education and exhibit project evolved. Go to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center website for more information.

The programs will introduce you to live raptors and the unique attributes of each fascinating species. You will learn about the challenges of declining habitat, the hazards of toxic substances, and the dangers of everyday modern debris to the survival of these majestic ambassadors from the wild.

Great Horned Owl

Photo by Jim Appleton.